Laurel Protexter

LaurelProtextor7(DeenaDanielle) LaurelProtextor8(DeenaDanielle) LaurelProtextor2(DeenaDanielle) LaurelProtextor1(DeenaDanielle) LaurelProtextor5(DeenaDanielle) LaurelProtextor4(DeenaDanielle) LaurelProtextor3(DeenaDanielle) LaurelProtextor6(DeenaDanielle)Last weekend I photographed Laurel Protextor near highway 218 where there are three crosses on an elderly couples farm. I have driven past this area so many times going from Fairfield to Iowa City and have always wanted to photograph there. I finally got the opportunity! We then went to the reservoir in Coralville and photographed at the marina. Laurel is easy going and always a joy to work with! If you want to see more editorials like this check out

xo Deena Danielle

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