Claudia & Wünderbar

Claudia&Wünderbar(1)DeenaDanielle Claudia&Wünderbar(2)DeenaDanielle Claudia&Wünderbar(3)DeenaDanielle Claudia&Wünderbar(4)DeenaDanielleClaudia&Wünderbar(6)DeenaDanielle Claudia&Wünderbar(7)DeenaDanielle Claudia&Wünderbar(8)DeenaDanielle Claudia&Wünderbar(9)DeenaDanielle Claudia&Wünderbar(10)DeenaDanielle


These are from a photography shoot in La Factoría studio in Madrid, Spain with models Wünderbar Suburbia and Claudia San Ramón (pink hair) in collaboration with another photographer Gude Oliver. We had a wonderful time putting pieces together from a full wardrobe of grunge inspired clothing. I was really impressed with how expressive both Wünderbar and Claudia were on camera. Thank you to both girls and Gude.

xoxo Deena Danielle

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