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Summer is coming to a close but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to hit up some festivals. In fact, I will be heading to my first festival of the summer in Philadelphia in just one short day. I have been waiting so long for this and can’t wait for the weekend to arrive! I am including some festival must have’s for braving the long weekend in the heat. For starters, I always have to have a festi backpack. Camelback’s are always a great idea because they have the built in water pack for you. Staying hydrated is key to a happy festival experience! But they aren’t always the most fashionable, so there are other options that I have found. My sister and I have a designated Jansport mini purple backpack. I think it’s been to Bonnaroo 4 times, Summer Camp Music Festival 2, and Governor’s Ball in NYC. It’s perfect for festivals. You can easily add patches or pins to customize. I have a small leather bag from Mango that I’m taking this time, shown above. Any small leather pack goes well with most outfits. I find keeping it simple is the best way to go. Bandeau tops, and high wasted shorts or skirts, or hippie pants paired with a hat or bandana (something to cover your head) and/or sunglasses. Tunnel Vision has some great options, and you can find the hippest sunglasses from Coco & Breezy. Their glasses boast very modern and inventive design. You WANT to be able to dance and move around the crowd, so wear something that you are comfortable in. Sunscreen is a must at least SPF 30 please, be good to your skin. As for shoes, I usually go for sandals. Rainboots have saved me many times, avoiding mud puddles, that engulf the whole entire camping ground if it rains. If you’re camping, bottles of water to wash with, and flashlights always come in handy (your phone WILL die, it’s inevitable and part of the festival experience, embrace it). With that being said you will also want a digital or disposable camera to capture your moments!

What are your must have’s for festival season? Comment below!


xoxo Deena Danielle

Photos not taken by me, borrowed from respective websites.

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