Gala Darling

While perusing the internet I came across the blog “Gala Darling.” Her blog began by focusing on fashion and evolved into a quirky, yet sophisticated, and fun advice column/guide for living for the modern woman. Formerly known as Amy Paape, after her name change, Gala started the journey of self acceptance through her website called “Radical Self Love”. Through her own trials and experiences she has created a system and daily routine that uplifts her. She has inspired many women (and men) with her forward way of thinking. Gala is a living example of the way of life she teaches. Her personal style, and optimistic point of view, are the true marks of an (aware) fashionista. She reminds us that each person is multifaceted and that it’s perfectly acceptable to be strong and intellectual while still having a soft spot for cupcakes, high heels, and sparkly nail polish!Below is a Ted Talk by Gala Darling and a link to her blog:


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