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A step in the right direction…

I’m happy to see H & M’s commercial about no rules in fashion other than recycling. In this video they show a multitude of different styles. They even feature Coco & Breezy who I sited in my last post about festival wear. Maybe the styles these individuals wear aren’t the outfits on the runway, or aren’t considered trendy by pop culture, but the video portrays people expressing themselves through fashion. This is what I look for when I go out and photograph street style. To me fashion isn’t about having the newest looks (though you can include them), it’s about freedom of expression. Reforming the way people view fashion is a great place to initiate discussion about how the industry can become more environmentally friendly! H & M has for some time now been working on a concept called “Close the Loop” so that there is less waste in garment manufacturing processes. They have implemented some successful tactics. One is collecting old worn clothing and recycling it. More details in the video below:

Another benefit to shopping at H & M, and part of their sustainability initiative, is that when browsing their racks green tags are visible on items that are environmentally friendly, what they call “conscious fashion”. The presence of these hang tags allow the customer to make an educated purchase. Clothing labeling is something I wrote about in 2013, presenting the question; If food is labeled, why can’t clothing have a similar labeling system? Although there is certainly controversy around garment manufacturing, specifically in large fashion companies such as Primark, H & M, and Forever 21, known for fast fashion (documentaries here), I was very pleased to see this evolution with such a significant company. I certainly see it as a positive step forward.

What are your thoughts on H & M garment manufacturing and their practices related to sustainability? Please comment below!


xoxo Deena Danielle





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