Madrid Street Style

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I was out and about last weekend photographing some stylish people in the city center. I absolutely love Madrid on Sundays. The rastro (flea market) in the area where I live is always bustling with people. When I walk out of my apartment door into the sunshine I am always enlivened by the energetic groups of families and friends, and the smell of samosas and curries prepared in the small restaurant next door. On Sundays here it’s typical to shop and listen to the numerous street performers while enjoying cañas and tapas hopping from bar to bar. It’s a very different way of life than in the United States, where many people stay home on Sundays laying low and preparing for next week’s work. Personally I much prefer the Madrileño way which successfuly fights off the so often descending Sunday’s blues.

xo Deena Danielle

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