Deena Danielle, owner of fashion, travel, and beauty blog Nomad Moda, now brings you “Nomad Moda the Podcast”, where she features a creative female entrepreneur each week. Deena Danielle highlights women around the world in industries such as blogging, photography, design, social media, and more! Each episode delves into the guest’s inspiration and what fuels their desire to create. Welcome to ‘Nomad Moda The Podcast!

Deena Danielle has been lucky to have guests such as Alexis Walsh, Kristi Soomer, Thalita Ferraz, and many more powerful creators. The episodes provide insight into how these women built their brands, what obstacles they faced during the process, and how they overcame them. Deena Danielle feels honored to provide a platform for women in business to share their stories, discuss tough topics, and to inspire and empower.

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