NYFW 2015

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So much went on through NYFW in September, from the second model with down syndrome walking the runway (Madeline Stuart), to Kanye’s mannequin-like model’s smoking. With all the commotion and feast for the eyes I’ve narrowed down two of my favorite collections as Erin Fetherston and Naeem Khan’s Spring/Summer 2016.

Naeem Khan always steals the cake. His Eden like presentation, with white garden gates, and soft music creates, an unmatched ambiance. The models look like modern day goddesses walking down his runway, and they must feel like such wearing the flowering gowns. To own an embroidered dress by Naeem Khan and have a place to wear it is what dreams are made of. Oh the sophistication of his design and the way the elements fluidly come together in the entire presentation… you could say I’m obsessed.

Erin Fetherston’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection shows a more playful approach to the season. The sheer fabrics and muted tones remind me of what a younger woman would wear on her vacation to the northeast say, Maine, or a quaint fishing village on the European coast. The collection boasts wonderful everyday pieces that can be dressed up casual or chic.

What are you favorite pieces from NYFW 2015? Comment below!


xoxo Deena Danielle

Photos from vogue.co.uk and http://www.erinfetherston.com


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