Primark on the Racks

In the spirit of Earth Day (today April 22nd) I would like to share some documentaries about the fashion industries production process (shown to me by a very knowledgable professor to whom I am forever thankful). These are parts of “Primark on the Racks” and “Bangladesh Slavery for H&M”. I shared the first part of the videos but you can find the other segments on youtube as well. My sole intentions for sharing these videos are for my dear readers to gain more awareness about the truth of the way many large companies businesses function. This should be seen as a resource to facilitate awareness, discussion, and hopefully action. I want to preface that I don’t agree with every single word spoken in the videos, but there were many parts that resonated with me. I’m sure there are other influential pieces uncovering inside information in the fashion industry but I chose these two because to me they are very impactful. I don’t want to point blame to one company or individual, but see this as a grand enough issue to inspire action towards a more positive global industry. I warn you that some of the images and words can be jarring and are not for the faint of heart.

Though it’s said that ignorance is bliss, there is too much destruction in the industry to turn a blind eye. So, I am suggesting that we educate ourselves with the information that is available to us, and start to make changes, no matter how small. There are evolutionary steps that can be taken within the fashion industry, from companies, and from the side of the consumer. See my previous post for information on some environmentally conscientious brands. One action that can be taken is buying second hand clothing and accessories. So as an extension of Earth Day, I will be sharing a Madrid vintage shopping guide in a future post. My goal is not to leave you empty handed. I would like to continue to provide resources for you. If you have any more information to share on how the fashion industry can be more sustainable, please feel free to comment below. Stay tuned. Turn off your lights, and shower together. 😉

xoxo Deena Danielle

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