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Dear Readers, I have recently had a location change and I am now temporarily living in the Chicago area. I am so happy to be close to a big city! I went downtown yesterday in search of some stylish Chicagoans. As a photographer I spend a lot of time behind the scenes editing and looking at images on the web so it’s very nice to get out, converse, and meet new people. Walking around and asking to photograph people is a great way to explore and experience the culture in whatever city I’m in. I love the exchange that happens when I stop someone in their busy day to appreciate the outfit they have put together. I found some fashionable and friendly people, many of which were also world travelers (I met people from Florida, Wisconsin, Los Angeles and Spain, Switzerland, and Guatemala)! Thank you to everyone who allowed me to photograph them and let me be a part of their day. I hope you enjoy, and as always thanks for reading!
xo Deena Danielle

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