• Black Floppy Hat styled by popular Los Angeles fashion blogger Nomad Moda

    Miami Dior in my Black Floppy Hat

    I love working with Andrea de la Cruz because she makes me laugh like a goof ball. It’s always a good time shooting with her. Thank you Andrea, for always bringing out the best side of me in photos. This is the last post from Miami for now. I’ve been wanting to share this look […]

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    April 15, 2018 By Deena Danielle
  • Striped Cotton Shirt outfit styled by popular Los Angeles fashion blogger Nomad Moda

    Miami Design District in my Striped Cotton Shirt

    Another look from Miami. My boyfriend says, “Someone has a new favorite shirt.” Because I wear this striped cotton shirt all the time! I love it to be honest, and if I were a cartoon character this shirt would be part of my eternal outfit. My Seattle trip gets closer and closer and I still […]

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    April 10, 2018 By Deena Danielle
  • The Bubble, Miami

    I was in my beloved Miami last week, for Miami Music Week and to visit friends. My dear friend Eugenia is 8 1/2 months pregnant! She owns the clothing line Mofa, you might remember from a previous post. I got to visit with many people, before catching a cold, and needing to lay in bed for […]

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    April 4, 2018 By Deena Danielle
  • Mulholland Drive

    It’s really hard to believe it’s already April. I feel like time is just flying by. I have some plans to move into a new apartment in the L.A. area this month, and I’m really looking forward to it. L.A. is like a bunch of towns pushed together to create one sprawling city. Each neighborhood […]

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    April 1, 2018 By Deena Danielle
  • Beverly Hills Hotel

      This hotel has special significance to me because it was first pointed out to me by my Uncle. He told me that my Grandma and Grandpa would stay here years back when they would visit L.A. I know that it’s a popular place for photo ops for bloggers, and for tourists, but for me, […]

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    March 20, 2018 By Deena Danielle
  • Las Vegas

    This was my first time in Vegas where I had enough time to actually explore. I was there for a photography conference (WPPI) that was held on the strip in Mandalay Bay and Casino. Most of you know I’m also a fashion photographer. For those that don’t, you can check out my portfolio website. I […]

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    March 7, 2018 By Deena Danielle
  • Mojave

    I was in Vegas for a few days and the drive was absolutely beautiful. From L.A. to Vegas is 4 hours. Which is nothing when you’ve just driven 40 hours across country a few months prior. While I was driving to Vegas, and back from Vegas to L.A. the sun was setting over the Mojave […]

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    March 4, 2018 By Deena Danielle
  • Espresso

    Happy Sunday. I hope you’re all having a spectacular weekend. I just got to Las Vegas yesterday. I’m staying with a friend for a few days and exploring. You know me, and my nomadic ways. I can’t sit still. I will be sharing some outfit posts from here soon, so stay tuned! I’ve been here […]

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    February 25, 2018 By Deena Danielle
  • Green Dreams

    Back in L.A. and feeling refreshed after spending a few days in Sedona hiking last week. I’ll be in San Diego this weekend. Any suggestions on what to see/do there? I’ve never been! I’m totally a city girl, but I’ve been feeling like it’s so necessary to get out of the city to breath and focus […]

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    February 15, 2018 By Deena Danielle
  • Sedona, AZ

    Wearing blue again, surprise surprise! I promise to start incorporating some other colors into my wardrobe. Well, Sedona is an interesting place. The great part about it is the red rock, like in the view behind me in these photos. There are amazing hikes. In fact, I did one of the most difficult that I’ve […]

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    February 7, 2018 By Deena Danielle
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