About Nomad Moda

Nomad” – A member of a people having no permanent abode, and who travel from place to place.

Moda” – The Spanish translation for “Fashion“, a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.


About Deena Danielle

Meet Deena Danielle, the owner of fashion, travel, and beauty blog Nomad Moda. She is also an award winning photographer, and published jewelry designer. She makes her home in Los Angeles, CA.

Starting at age four she insisted on choosing the outfits she wore, not allowing her mother to have much say in the matter. In the throws of childhood boredom she was always encouraged to explore her creativity. At a young age she developed keenness for design. In their childhood explorations she and her sister fashioned skirts and dresses out of craft paper, and took up the art of photography.

Deena Danielle’s parents gave her a wooden dresser painted cream. The three drawers began their lives clutter free, with minimum proportions of children’s fabric. As Deena Danielle grew up the drawers became chaotic and out of them flew odd prints and strange straps. Deena Danielle’s drawers would stay tidy for only so long and then return to disarray. Through trial Deena Danielle found what suited her best. Simplicity, modesty, and elegance were what she was comfortable in and a little flare and sass to spice things up made her wardrobe complete.

Join Deena Danielle on her fashion expedition while she shares her fashion and beauty looks, travels, and lets you watch her own style unfold allowing you to find amazing pieces to add to your dresser through Nomad Moda.

For inquires and collaborations contact info@nomadmoda.com