• The Importance of Multichannel Marketing as a Blogger

    Misconceptions about Bloggers Multichannel marketing is an essential tool for bloggers. The misconception people have about bloggers just taking pictures and posting them online really gets my panties in a twist. Blogging is a time consuming and energy intensive job. The fact of the matter is that you need to do so much more than […]

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    October 6, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • Mastering Effortlessly Cool Street Style Looks

    I feel like for street style I need a package. Like those memes, but street style for beginners. Just add a skateboard and beanie. It’s kinda like VSCO girl with a seashell necklace and whatever else they wear… Anyway I think there is a fine balance with this style. You have to try a little […]

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    October 2, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • NMP 004. Shana Roark – “Never Let Your Passion Feel Heavy”

    I’d like to introduce today’s guest Shana Roark to the podcast. Shana is a writer based in New York City. She recently published her first book ‘Becoming’ a collection of poems about identity, love, and more. Her unique perspective and personal story telling through written word captivate readers throughout the nation. Please welcome Shana Roark […]

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    September 30, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • Resources for Starting a Product Based Brand

    So you want to start a product based brand? When I was in New York City for Fashion Week I was also working on my brand Siku Jewelry. Developing this line has been a long journey for me and a learning curve. If you haven’t studied the process in school you learn from experience. I […]

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    September 28, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • NMP 003. Esperanza Lorena – “Know Your Worth”

      I’d like to introduce today’s guest Esperanza Lorena to the podcast. Esperanza is a blogger based in Portland, Oregon. Her blog, The Urban Darling focuses on travel, wellness, and fashion. She has worked with companies such as, Expedia, Sephora, Mr. Coffee, Dermalogica, Dansko, and more. I reached out to Esperanza when I was visiting […]

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    September 23, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • Building a Blog Website – WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

    I built my blog with WordPress.org. If you’re starting a new blog it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to decide what platform to build your website on. I’ve learned a lot about building websites because of my 3 businesses and a lot about WordPress in the past ten years of having my blog. […]

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    September 22, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • NMP 002. Alexis Walsh – “3D Printing Specifically for Fashion Design”

    I’d like to introduce today’s guest, Alexis Walsh, to the podcast. Alexis is a fashion designer and artist based in New York City. Her designs have been featured in People Magazine worn by Lady Gaga and have appeared on runways around the world. Her SPIRE dress has been displayed at 3D print shows throughout Europe […]

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    September 16, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • NYFW SS20 in Review

    NYFW SS20 I was in NYC for 5 days for New York Fashion Week (NYFW SS20). Throughout my stay I was reflecting. As a tween and teenager I always wanted to work in fashion. I wasn’t sure how it would manifest but I idolized the strong creative figures I saw in magazines. Some were designers, […]

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    September 14, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • Preparing a Fall Wardrobe

    There are a few key pieces I feel are necessary to make a Fall wardrobe complete. And wow, I can’t believe how quickly the summer passed. It is already mid September and Fall officially starts on September 23rd! As I’m writing you now I am currently in upstate New York in Ithaca. It’s warm but […]

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    September 11, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • NMP 001. Karis Battle – “Fear Should Motivate Not Deter”

    I’d like to introduce today’s guest, Karis Battle, to the podcast. Karis is a fashion stylist, runway manager, trend and forecasting coordinator, and image consultant. Karis’s work has been featured in Vogue, Seventeen, Lucky, and Weight Watchers. She also attends New York Fashion Week each season as a contributor to Fashion School Daily, which happens […]

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    September 9, 2019 By Deena Danielle
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