• Brewery Art Walk – Los Angeles

    The Brewery Art Walk happens twice a year in Los Angeles. It’s in April and October. We were just there last weekend. The art brewery area is the largest neighborhood of artist live/work lofts in the country! It’s a Saturday and Sunday where most of the artists open up their doors, and you can meander through […]

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    April 12, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • Spring Cleaning with Poshmark

    I’m sorry Momma, I’m cleaning out my closet! Spring is the perfect time to start clearing out the clutter in your life. We all accumulate it. Often times we don’t realize how much we actually have until we sift through it! My Mom is really queen at this. She is so aware of how she uses […]

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    April 7, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • Forming Personal Style

    The Ever so “Stylish” Beginning I’d like to tell you about my personal style journey. For that, we have to go way back. We all have some embarrassing photos from our tween years, of a bad hair cut, or a dress we wish we would have never worn. I certainly have plenty. My mom always […]

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    April 7, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • A Spring Wedding in St. Augustine, Florida

    About St. Augustine We just returned from a week long trip in South Florida. We landed in Fort Lauderdale, spent one day and then headed up to St. Augustine. I’d never been there before and I wasn’t expecting such a beautiful and historic town. I learned that St. Augustine is the oldest town in the […]

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    March 29, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • A Guide to Buying your First Camera

      My Photo Journey In case you’re new to this blog, let me reintroduce myself. My name is Deena Danielle. I am a blogger and photographer based in Los Angeles. I’ve been photographing and blogging for over 10 years. Feel free to view my photography on my portfolio website. My first camera was a Nikon D70. […]

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    March 22, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • Hiring a Photographer as a Blogger – 10 Things you Need to Know

    In the social media world it can be intimidating to find the right image specialist. That’s what photographers are aren’t they? They’ve studied imagery for years, taken art history courses, understand the nuances of ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and camera operation. For a blog to be successful in such a visually based industry it’s essential […]

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    March 17, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Photos

    I’m talking photography this week on the blog. After all, it is essential to any bloggers success. Throughout my years as a photographer and a blogger I’ve learned quite a bit about the combination of the two. What I’d like to share with you today is 5 Do’s and Don’ts of taking blog photos. It’s […]

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    March 14, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • How to Apply $8 Drug Store Nails

    When I was at brunch with a friend I commented on how nice her nails looked. She said she got them at the drug store and did them herself! I like my nails looking clean. That’s why I’ve been going to get a gel manicure for the past year every month, although it takes an […]

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    March 9, 2019 By Deena Danielle
  • Van Life Dreams

       Lately, I’ve been finding myself pinning pictures of Van Life… Van life interiors, beautiful views out of van windows, and the van set up on campgrounds. My desire to travel is immense. This can scare the people I love and that love me. They think I’m leaving them behind too. The truth is, I […]

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    March 6, 2019 By Deena Danielle
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