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Figueres & Barcelona, Spain

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I traveled to Barcelona last weekend for a little escape from Madrid. I left Thursday afternoon and returned Sunday. On Friday I took the train with two friends to Figueres to visit the Salvador Dalí museum. We enjoyed a wonderful morning walking through and viewing his paintings, drawings, sculptures, and exquisite jewelry collection. I feel so fortunate to see so much art work from my favorite painter. In my opinion the most interesting room was where some of the mixed media works were displayed, where there was a bed with curling fish tail posts, a gold painted skeleton, and a bouquet of flowers on a jawbone hanging on the wall.

After the museum we shared a three course lunch where my cream of pumpkin soup was poured for me from a small carafe over a poached egg and candied apricots, and I ate chocolate mouse for dessert. Figueres is quite beautiful. It’s a little seaside town with all white buildings and blue shutters, a bit reminiscent of Greece.

The following day I walked along the beach and remembering how much I loved Park Guell last time I was in Barcelona, I returned to meander through the architecture of Gaudi. Retiro Park is my favorite place in Madrid, and respectively, Park Guell in Barcelona. I love the relief parks bring in a bustling city. I also shot some street style. Stay tuned for the next post! Hope you had a good weekend!

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