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Berlin, Germany

Berlin_Wall_Jewish(DeenaDanielle) Berlin_Wall_Quotes(DeenaDanielle) Berlin_Wall_Kiss(DeenaDanielle) Berlin_Wall_Locks(DeenaDanielle) Berlin_Wall_Struggle(DeenaDanielle) Berlin_Wall_Thumb(DeenaDanielle) Berlin_Building_City(DeenaDanielle) Berlin_Jewish(DeenaDanielle) Berlin_Jewish_Memorial(DeenaDanielle)Berlin_Jewelry(DeenaDanielle) Berlin_Museum(DeenaDanielle)We took a train from Venice to Berlin just in time for New Years. We went to the Brandenburg Gate for the celebration. The streets were filled with people, and fireworks were exploding from every angle.

The next couple days we explored the city a bit, seeing part of the Berlin Wall. Until I saw it I didn’t know that the Berlin Wall had been graffitied on by famous artists from around the world.

It was an impressive stretch of art work, extending through the city. We then walked through The Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe, which was very impactful. It’s solemn, and heavy, yet a juxtaposition¬†because you are interacting with the art work and reminded of life while people walk through, and children play between the large blocks. It was quite cold in Berlin so we decided to spend some time indoors at the Pergamon Museum. I added some photos of the jewelry that they had on display because it was quite inspiring to me. It made me want to go back into the studio and create right there and then. Berlin was one of my favorite cities visited on this trip. So full of art and life even in the dead of winter.


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