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Florida Norte

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This is an outfit I wore on Saturday, which was my birthday. I think that birthdays can go one of two ways, and there isn’t really an in-between. It was strange, no I don’t want to talk about it. But look! At the sign in the background of the first photo “Florida Norte”. I was tempted to photo shop it out because it’s not all that visually pleasing but I think it’s allegorical (and north is definitely better than things going south haha). Miami I’m coming for you! I bought my ticket, and will be there June 16th. I’m looking forward to the change. The shirt is from Bershka, jeans from Express, shoes by Andyz, purse from an outdoor market in Rio De Janeiro, necklace is a gift from my aunt, and turban from Ebay.

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Photography by: Gema Sanz Remírez


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