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6 Books for the Creative Entrepreneur

Being a creative entrepreneur can be a tough deal. So, I wanted to provide some resources to help those that are artists building a business or personal brand. I know these have helped me immensely.

Is Reading Dead?

I also haven’t written a post on books in a while so figured it was due time. Is reading dead? I don’t think so. Although people spend less time reading than they used to, and most reading has gone more towards online articles and blogs (thank you, lol) I still think there is nothing that compares to curling up with a good book on a rainy day, or bringing a favorite book to the beach. There’s nothing quite like having the physical bound book in your hands and turning the pages. It’s still an experience that digital has been unable to replicate, and I doubt that it ever fully will.


It can be really challenging building a business, getting advice, and finding the mentorship that you need to start, keep a positive attitude and spirits high. I’ve turned to reading (and podcasts) for advice in this area. So, in this post I’d like to share a few of my favorite reads as of lately. Here are 6 books I suggest for creative entrepreneurs.

  1. Elon Musk – I’m almost through this book. I’m recommending it without having finished it because it’s really that interesting. It delves into how Musk built his companies (Tesla and Space X included) and provides insight into the operations of the companies.

  1. Capture Your Style – This is a great read for anyone interested in building a blog or personal brand. Aimee Song explains how she takes her photographs, and manages her instagram account.

  1. Let My People Go Surfing – This is a wonderful story about the founder of Patagonia, and how through being an outdoorsman he saw the destruction of the land that was so dear to him. This led him to creating Patagonia with high morals in mind.

Steal Like an Artist – A great read for any artist, and a New York Times Bestseller!

The War of Art – After reading this you’ll know what’s truly important to you as a creative.

Real Artists Don’t Starve – The title says it all. There are starving artists but why do you have to be one of them? Value yourself.

I hope you find these books provide insight and inspiration for being an empowered creative entrepreneur! Let me know your favorite in the comment section below or one that I’ve left off the list that you really love!

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