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A Strange State of Affairs…

It has been a strange state of affairs the last couple of weeks. I’ve been job searching and going back and forth between Chicago and Iowa. More than half of my belongings remain in Iowa in my mom’s basement. My photographs, paintings, and art supplies are all there so I am in this transitory position where I don’t yet have my own space. It’s a little unsettling not knowing what life is going to present me with next, but I suppose that’s part of the adventure! This is a headband that I made for the Three Cross photo shoot I did a couple months ago. The shirt is from Forever 21. The pants are Solitaire Swim, with American Apparel shorts underneath, a vintage necklace, Mossimo shoes. I pay favorite purse, which is from Coach. I hope everyone is having a great beginning to their week. I’ll keep you updated on my state of affairs ! Happy Monday!

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