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Ethical Brands to Inspire a Conscious Wardrobe


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There are a lot of smaller ethical brands available in the world of fashion. They’re lesser known, have smaller production runs and generally lower budget for marketing. All this makes them somewhat difficult to find.

Awamaki Lab
I believe, as fashion enthusiasts, it is our responsibility to be aware of what affect the garments we purchase have on the environment. Taking the larger picture into consideration is extremely important. If you’d like to learn more about the affects of the clothing on climate change take a look at my Primark on the Racks post. If you haven’t heard about this before, it might shock you.
Studio Jux, winner of the Source award for sustainable fashion.

For example, the clothing one buys is not only changing an individuals wardrobe. It also influences a global economy. If we label foods as natural, organic, and GMO, why shouldn’t clothing have synonymous categories? A buyer should have enough information about product choices to make an educated purchasing decision. Personally, I am in complete support of garments produced ethically, and without toxic chemical by products.  Fashion is a free form of expression. But, without producing our clothing safely, there will be little positivity in the statement of what we wear.

I do believe that fashion can have a hand in creating a positive influence in the world and on the environment we live in! It just takes a little mindfulness. That’s why I’m providing some information on ethical brands that you can shop. What are your thoughts on the sustainable side of fashion?

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