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I apologize for being MIA from the blogosphere. I’m back at it and I will try not to let it happen again! I am now a college graduate! I figured when I graduated my life would become easier, and it has, but I don’t have more time than I did when I was in school. All of the tasks that have been put off for four years are getting accomplished now and have taken away time from blogging… but no longer!

I was recently gifted a new camera and lens and acquired a tripod and flash. Do not fear dear readers, the photos will be uploaded more consistently! In May I spent days trying to find a dress fit for a graduate and finally found this white one and these sandals at a boutique. I’ve been lusting after this purse for a while. It’s from Coach and given to me by my mother as a graduation gift.

Thank you for your continued support following my blog!


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