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How to Style Sporty Chic Looks

When I was younger I told my mom I wanted to be “half tomboy”. I think I must have been in 2nd or 3rd grade. It’s because there was a girl in my class who was full tomboy and she had a really cute red windbreaker. I think it was Adidias. I vaguely remember it having 3 stripes and her running across the playground impressing everyone. It’s funny how these memories stick with us for so long.

Half Tomboy

I thought some of her style was cool but I still wanted to be a bit feminine. I didn’t want to look like a boy! Honestly, that stayed with me, the mixing different styles of clothing and accessories. I love mixing sporty pieces with feminine pieces, or sporty settings with glam, like in these pictures. The juxtaposition is so cool.

I wanted to shoot this look at the tennis courts because I thought that the pleated skirt lent to the sporty setting. It reminded me a bit of a tennis skirt.

Sporty Chic

There are plenty of times where I’ve done this type of sporty chic look. I’ll wear a sporty pant, Adidias leggings, or Adidas purse and do full glam makeup and hair or a nicer top. I just love this way of dressing. I think it’s very L.A. too. People dress very casually here. In some ways I like the casual vibe and in others I wouldn’t mind more excuses to dress up.

Anyhow, I think this sporty chic style can be worn on the regular. It’s great for the day and going into night. For the day you can pair a look like this with sneakers, and for the night you can add some heels. I often like to wear a strappy crop top with some high waisted athleisure pants. I’ve worn it during the day and I’ve also worn it at night to a bar or concert.

Check out my TikTok for a short video on how to style this type of look!

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In what ways do you like to mix different types of styles? Comment below to let me know!

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