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Influencers are Invaluable in Marketing

Influencers are invaluable to any marketing strategy. I wanted to write a post about this because I read an article today by a blogger turned business owner. Although some of his points were valid it was scattered with poor grammar and typos. The tone made the writer sound like a bitter business owner who didn’t invest his ad dollars wisely. He also called out another influencer which …

It’s hard to believe that someone would bash the industry that taught them so much. If you’re not benefiting from influencer marketing as a business owner, you’re not doing it right. As both a blogger, and a business owner myself (see Siku). I also understand both sides of the coin.

As a business owner, if a blogger isn’t bringing in profit to your business you’re not going to want to work with them again, but you also need to understand how to align your brand with the right blogger and do the research to make sure you will get ROI. If you don’t, that’s on you. Additionally because a specific campaign doesn’t work once, doesn’t mean that your brand won’t align with that influencer and their audience in the future. Keep in mind an influencer’s audience is always growing (at least it should be). It also takes an audience to see an ad multiple times before it’s affective.

From a bloggers perspective you should know which companies align with your personal brand. If you are taking on every brand even when they don’t fit, then you are devaluing your own. You shouldn’t be taking on a campaign for the $. It should be because you really enjoy the service or product, can speak to it eloquently, and know it will resonate with your audience as well. Let me tell you, you know when it feels off!

For those who say the industry is saturated, well sure it is. But so is photography, design, graphics, and most creative fields. No one follows every influencer on the planet. Each person follows a select few that speak to their personal aesthetic and lifestyle. For those that say influencer marketing is a bubble about to burst, every industry has its highs and lows. As long as we have the internet we’ll have social media marketing. The landscape will change but Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s steadily growing.

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