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Miami Swim Week: Frankie’s Bikinis

Frankie’s Bikinis had a runway show on the Friday night of Swim Week at the W Hotel in South Beach. Frankie’s Bikinis is one of my favorite runway shows purely because the models look like they are having such a fun time. They came down the runway with flowers, signs, and bell bottom jeans, and the whole vibe was 60’s inspired. The suits were really cute too, of course, they always are!

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I think the blue and white suit paired with the bell bottoms is my favorite look. I have a confession. I’ve always missed bell bottom jeans! I remember they were a trend when i was in middle school. It was almost a competition of who could wear the biggest bell without tripping over themselves. I could wear that all summer long. Which is your favorite? Did you wear bell bottoms?

Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0609  Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0615  Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0622 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0628 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0629 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0634 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0640 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0643 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0644 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0645 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0649 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0650 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0655 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0658 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0662 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0665 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0669    Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0677 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0680 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0681   Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0686 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0688 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0690 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0692 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0694 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0696 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0699  Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0703 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0712 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0722 Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0729


Models such as Sofia Jamora and Ashley Moore walked the runway along with many more.

I was at the Frankie’s Bikinis show last summer and it’s great to see how designers find new inspiration but keep with the theme of their brand. Frankie is a young designer so it’ll be really cool to see how her company progresses throughout the years. She’s already made such a strong name for herself and impact on the swim industry as a whole. I anticipate the malibu based designer will have a lot more success in the years to come.

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