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Photography Posing Do’s and Dont’s

Hey there, I’m going to cover photography posing in this post but first I just wanted to say: I’m back after my 2 week break from social media and boy did I miss you! I’m not going to lie, it felt a little isolating to take a social media break during this time but it was so needed. I focused on some other projects that required my attention. ⁣⁣

Quarantine Birthday⁣⁣

Celebrating my birthday in quarantine was strange, and unlike any other, but it didn’t dampen my enthusiasm. I have always and will always love birthdays! I spent the day with Jay and my brother brother. Jay spoiled me with flowers and a carrot cake that we ate in our pajamas.
My mom sent some delicious food from Thrive Market and my sister sent chocolate. My friend so thoughtfully got champagne delivered. It was one of the most chill birthdays I’ve ever had. I feel grateful to be here and to have made it one more lap around the sun. Cheers to one year older and definitely wiser!

Posing for Photographs

So today, I wanted to talk a bit about photography posing. This is going to be a great post if you’re a photographer, or if you’re a blogger needing some tips for how to pose. Posing requires attention because you’re moving your body in ways that it hasn’t been before. The pose you “strike” will depend on the type of emotion that you want the viewers to feel when they’re looking at your work.

For example, do you want them to feel sad, angry, happy, wishful, etc.? These feelings can all be emoted through facial expression and body language. To pose, and get this across you often need to move outside yourself, and take on the persona of someone else. Think of yourself (or your model) as an actor and guide yourself as such.

Posing for women is different than posing for men. We have different body types, weight is balanced differently, and so generally different poses will be more flattering for each gender. I am specifically saying: generally. Please don’t come at me haha.

Posing Tips for Women

For Women Do:

  1. Have them turn their body away from the camera and turn their neck to look back at the camera. It creates a nice “S” curve from the top of their head to their shoulder.
  2. Have them put hands on the hips (like in the photo above). It accentuates curves and an hourglass figure.

For Women Don’ts

  1. Avoid masculine posing like squared toward the camera.
  2. Avoid crossing the arms. It looks rigid and closed off.

Posing Tips for Men

For Men Do’s:

  1. Have them cross their arms so their fists press on their biceps, making them appear strong/muscular.
  2. Have them sit on a chair with one elbow on their knee leaning forward towards the camera.

For Men Don’ts

  1. Do not practice the “S” curve pose.
  2. Avoid feminine posing. Think more geometric, rather than organic lines.

This serves as a little guide for beginner photographers and bloggers. If you’re struggling with posing I suggest you turn to Pinterest before you go to shoot. Gather some images where you like the way the model looks and try to imitate them. The more creative you get the more fun you will have. Mastering photography posing can add dramatic affect to your images and editorials and it’s really fun to play around with to get a different feel in your images. Although I’ve been photographing and blogging for a long time I’m always trying to get more creative. I’m always thinking of a new perspective that I can give my viewer.

Master, and Then Break the Rules

Obviously, rules are meant to be broken. So once you feel you’ve started to master some poses then you can go ahead and break the rules to see what comes of it. That’s why I said “generally” earlier in the post. As a woman if you feel like trying a more masculine pose (or vice versa), then go for it! Don’t be scared to get creative!

I shot these images at home because I didn’t want to go out in the quarantine and shoot. I really am staying home as much as possible during this time. I hadn’t shot before at home for the blog so decided to experiment. I always loved the way the afternoon light came in through this window in my apartment so I took advantage of it. I know it’s a hard time for many, but hopefully this mini posing guide inspires you to get creative!

If you like this post be sure to check out more in the “Photography” section of the blog and the “Industry Tips” section.

Would you like me to cover more photography tips like this on the blog? If so, let me know what other photography topics you’re interested in and I’ll make another post on the subject.

Hope you’re all staying safe in quarantine! <3

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