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I photographed my sister while I was home visiting Iowa. I hadn’t seen her in over a year due to my traveling and her studies. One year seems like a long time, but we effortlessly synced back in tune and shared sense of humor like it was only yesterday that we were living in the same house, sharing the same space, a nice reminder of the deep relationships that are created when you grow up side by side. It impresses me how her sense of self has evolved and she’s grown more confidently into her character and being. She has the purest of hearts.

Strangers have been the frequent subjects of my work, and I’ve become accustomed to photographing and editing anonymous faces. Because of my closeness with my sister, I have a personal attachment to the images I create of her. My unwillingness to change her character or appearance lead me to a different editing process, taking more artistic liberty in color and exhibition. It was refreshing to come back home physically as well as conceptually. She’s wearing my skirt/dress and a rose quarts crystal that I gave her a couple years ago. <3

If you like this shoot be sure to check out my photography portfolio website for more of my work!

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