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Thoughts on Beauty

I wanted to create a beauty look to share with you guys, which got me thinking about my thoughts on beauty in general.

Thoughts on Beauty

It’s so subjective. However, society has set a certain unrealistic standard for beauty. To me, makeup and hair, like style, is another form of self expression. I think everyone should be able to convey themselves through the art form of their choosing and appear the way they want to be seen without feeling judged or like they need to be conventionally beautiful. Makeup liberates and becomes that avenue of creative voice for so many.

What people can do with makeup is quite incredible. From completely changing their faces to look like someone or something else (thinking special effects) to emulating a painting of Miró. I’m so impressed with the pure skill of the beauty gurus that I follow on social media. They create impermanent masterpieces on their faces.

Self Expression

I think makeup can have a negative connotation. Some people have the misconception that others are always using it to cover up something or that we don’t like who we really are. Although in some cases that can be true, I would say that’s not the reason the majority of people use makeup. Makeup can be used in a celebratory way and to accentuate the features you already love about myself!

I think it’s important for the person using makeup to be conscious of their intent. I.e. between using makeup as an extension of self, or using it to hide who you are and suppress how you feel. The latter is an unfortunate way of being, and quite often there is much more going on underneath the surface of the skin that might want to be examined for why a person feels that way.

In my college years I wouldn’t leave the house without a full face of makeup. It’s unfortunate to perceive yourself only as beautiful when you have on makeup. My confidence has grown and now I like my face with and without makeup.

As cliche as it sounds, beauty comes from within. However fun makeup is, all the material products in the world can’t fix poor character or heart. What lies underneath is the most important. What are your thoughts on beauty?

For this look I created an IGTV video. Follow the link to view the tutorial! If you like this post be sure to check out my other beauty related posts!

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