Jeffrey Campbell “Icy”

Jeffrey-Campbell-Icy-Shoe-in-Black-LeatherJeffrey-Campbell-Icy-Shoe-in-Dark-Wine-PatentJeffrey-Campbell-White-Patent-Icy-ShoeJeffrey-Campbell-Icy-Light-Hologram-Light-Up-WedgeJeffrey-Campbell-Black-Icy-Lucite-Heel-Confetti-Wedge b165045339dd076c03df3a13db2c648ce95bebb5_mJeffrey-Campbell-Platform-Wedge-Booties-Icy-DoughnutsJeffrey-Campbell-Pink-Suede-Barbie-Doll-Head-Icy-Wedge  jeffrey_campbell-jadis-white-left


Jeffrey-Campbell-Black-Suede-Killa-Barbie-Doll-Head-Platform-Wedge 51lHWbQlFGL


Have you seen these? My goodness. When I first laid eyes on these I gasped. They are incredible. Firstly the design is sleek, strong, and bold. The collection is called “Icy” created with a a lucite wedge heel and bootie. You can see how the shoe progressed from the first photo from a simple design, to include different items in the heel, as well as a collaboration with Hello Kitty (the bows). Secondly, I’m infatuated with the statement that the shoes present. Barbie is seen as; perfection, the unrealistic ideal standard of beauty that many women are held to, and the male counterpoint Ken holds those same standards. Campbell was quite clever in decapitating them both, putting them in the sole of the shoe, stomping on their faces, and squishing them between this world and the lower. To me it’s a metaphor about eliminating unrealistic standards of beauty with unconventional design. The dollar is also symbolic in that way. Did I take it a step too far? (Pun intended). Of course, Campbell’s artistry wouldn’t stop at just one design, and the entire line is dedicated to the conceptual juxtaposition of inserting different items into the transparent sole. Though they are all magnificent, by far my favorite is the doll head. First new item on my wish list!

Which would you wear?


xoxo Deena Danielle

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