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The Bubble, Miami

I was in my beloved Miami last week, for Miami Music Week and to visit friends. My dear friend Eugenia is 8 1/2 months pregnant! She owns the clothing line Mofa, you might remember from a previous post. I got to visit with many people, before catching a cold, and needing to lay in bed for two days. Seems like I always get sick on vacation! I feel like I got jipped by not being able to fully enjoy all the days, so I’ll surely be back in Miami soon! I think I’ve finally recovered, and feel so glad to touch down in L.A. a place that is feeling more and more like home each time I return to it. The next trip I have planned is to Seattle. I’ve never been there so am taking any suggestions! Please comment below.
I purchased my scarf in Paris when I was there over the summer but you can find similar below.
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Photography by: Andrea de la Cruz

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