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10 Micro Bloggers to Follow

What are Micro Bloggers?

If you haven’t heard the term “Micro Blogger” before, it means a blogger who has a smaller following (usually anywhere from 10k-250k) but still puts out amazing content. 



As I’ve become more active in the blog-o-sphere I’ve come across some other bloggers both national and international that I really love following. I find myself continually returning to their sites and/or Instagram pages because they’re all consistently posting the most stylish and fun looks and their brand themes, images, and captions inspire me. I wanted to share them so that you can follow too if they so inspire you! Most of them (at this point in time) are micro bloggers.  


I love watching these bloggers styles’ evolve and their brands grow! Here are my top 10 (you can look them up on Instagram by these names):

1. Candidly Chan – Has a darker aesthetic

2. The Style Bungalow – Based in Florida, has a tropical vibe

3. The Fashion Muse – Also based in Florida, mix of fashion and beauty

4. Noelle Downing – Fun images, includes home, baking, fiancee, body positivity, and pup

5. Fashion Lush – California based blogger with a strong BW aesthetic, extremely funny!

6. Mamacaxx – Inspiring woman who walked NYFW!

7. Anna Grace Newell – Such fun and colorful images, knocks it out of the park every time

8. Lady Like Leopard – Focusing on all things leopard and animal print

9. Officially Quigley – Beautiful high contrast images, and inspiring captions

10. Barbie Brignoni – Between NYC and Puerto Rico, darker and romantic sharing beautiful outfits and accessories

It fills me with so much joy that the blogging community is largely a bunch of stylish females supporting each other! So of course, (being a total girls girl) I have to shout out my fellow creative ladies! What other micro bloggers do you love to follow on instagram? Comment below!

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