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Art Basel 2016: Art Miami

Art Basel was incredible this year. I went to Art Miami, Context, the Convention Center, as well as many events throughout the week in Wynwood, South Beach, and Downtown. At Art Miami of course I spotted Dalí (my all time favorite) from a mile away. There was also work by Andy Warhol, Wayne Thiebaud, and Robert Mapplethorpe, but one of my favorite pieces was by Sherry Wolf, an artist I was unaware of until now.

Her works are large paintings. There are two above, the girl with bubble gum, and the girl in the black painting with a headband on. Perhaps I’m drawn to them because of their relation to fashion. I love the color combinations in each painting as well. It’s intriguing how the subject is painted at a straight on angle. Not much of the art at Basel is something I’d like to look at everyday but these are pieces I would love to hang in my home.

Another impressing piece was the photo realist painting on a very large canvas of a young girl in a black jacket. My friend and I noted the reoccurring and very prevalent photo-realism theme. The fine art world follows trends, much like the fashion industry does. Which is your favorite piece? Comment below to let me know.

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