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Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Photos

I’m talking photography this week on the blog. After all, it is essential to any bloggers success. Throughout my years as a photographer and a blogger I’ve learned quite a bit about the combination of the two. What I’d like to share with you today is 5 Do’s and Don’ts of taking blog photos.

It’s always best to be prepared, and you can learn more about how to plan your posts for success from an article I wrote for Independent Fashion Bloggers. Additionally, when photographing, there are some key tips that you should implement to help get stunning imagery.

Blog Photo Do’s:

  1. Plan your looks, location, and accessories in advance.
  2. Ask your photographer to get a lower angle so that you appear taller. I am almost 5′ 3″ and often use this trick as seen in some of the examples in this series.
  3. Shoot to create depth in your images. I.e. not always against a wall.
  4. Use leading lines. This is a photography basic. It could be a stairway leading up to the subject, or their hair being blown by the wind which starts at the corner of the frame and leads to their face. Get creative with it.
  5. Have a clear editing style (and blog color scheme). I lean towards black and white graphics and add magenta into the shadows of my images.


Blog Photo Don’ts:

  1. Ask your photographer to stand above you and look down. This will shrink you.
  2. Always stand in the center of your images. We want them to be dynamic, not stagnant. Think of the “Law of Thirds”.
  3. Over edit/over saturate. This is just plane bad taste in my opinion.
  4. Use an unprofessional camera. A professional camera will get the most detail and help your photos to look top notch.
  5. Wear unflattering (baggy) outfits that make you appear larger than you are. I have done this, and it’s a big mistake.

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