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Mexico City, Mexico

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My experience in Mexico City was beyond expectation. I enjoyed it so much more than I ever thought I would. The city is a hidden gem. The atmosphere is a mix between European style architecture, aspects of the U.S.A., and some Delhi thrown into the driving. They say if you can drive in Mexico City you can drive anywhere. The people are also some of the nicest that I have ever met. The sites, the food, and the architecture are incredible.

I ate vegetarian Torta’s (Mexican style sandwich), burritos, and tofu enchiladas with salsa verde. I visited Chapultepec castle, rode in the trajineras at Xochimilco sipping on an authentic michelada with tamarind. We walked the Zócalo (main square in Spanish) by night. Exploring Frida Kahlo’s house, and her studio with husband Diego Rivera was an experience of dreams. We meandered through the Soumaya art museum (where they had an amazing collection of Dalí sculptures). I strolled through Coyoacán on a Sunday night and stood with families watching street performers, fully enjoying the evening. I was advised before the trip not to sleep, and to just see as much as possible because Mexico City has so much to offer. Challenge accepted. I didn’t have the time to see the pyramids, which only means I will have to go back again. I can’t wait for the day.

xoxo Deena Danielle

Photos of me by friend and fellow traveler: Cheska Limjuco

All other photos by: Me

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