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My Birthday in Joshua Tree, CA

Embracing Birthdays

I was in Joshua Tree for my birthday. I just turned 28 years old on Thursday. Instead of fighting it, I’m embracing one year older, one year wiser. I know myself better than ever now. I know my tendencies, what I like and dislike and how I want to spend my time. I’m living my life with intention on what is really important to me. Time is precious and I don’t want to waste any more of it.


I celebrated in Joshua Tree with Jay and two friends that came to meet us from Las Vegas. We camped for one night in Ryan campground. We stayed up late eating hot dogs, drinking moscow mules (my favorite), and sat around the fire looking up at the stars which seem to go on forever in Joshua Tree. Not a bad way to ring in 28 years old, I have to say.

Power of Joshua Tree

I love spending time in Joshua Tree. There is just something very magical about it. It has to do with the desert landscape, the mountains, the shape of the trees, and how open and clear the skies are. It feels like a very grounding and spiritual place. There is hardly any cell service in the National Park which is a blessing. I wanted to turn off for my birthday, and just focus on being present. I felt like this was one of the best places to do so.


Trip Tips

The last (and first) time we were in Joshua Tree was in November. It was cold to say the least. We were quite unprepared as it was somewhat spontaneous. We camped at Jumbo Rocks campground that first time. This time, for my birthday, the temperature was much more moderate and we were able to stay outside for most of the night. We went hiking in the morning on a short loop trail in the Hidden Valley area of the park. If you plan to go to Joshua Tree and camp you can make a reservation on the app This is definitely the way to go if you’re planning on going there over the weekend. It gets so packed and impossible to find a camping spot. I was surprised that it was so busy even on a Wednesday when we went.

There are a few campgrounds that you can go to without a reservation (depending on the time of year) including Hidden Valley, Ryan, and Belle. They are in that order when you come in through the Northern entrance of the park. Although I wouldn’t recommend going without a reservation it’s good to know these are available if you end up there spontaneously. There are plenty of beautiful hiking trails to explore as well. Another great place to drive to within the park is Keys View which is at the South end. It’s at a high elevation and you can view the mountains. I would recommend watching the sunset there, although it would be really beautiful anywhere in Joshua. If you have questions about Joshua Tree ask them below in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer!

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