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New Years Resolutions

I hope you’re having a wonderful time celebrating the New Year with friends, or staying in and avoiding the chaos. Whatever you do, I hope you’re enjoying the night in the way that is right for you! I will probably lay low because I’ve been under the weather since coming back from South Florida. I’m still taking Mucinex! But, it’s a friend’s birthday so I might stop by.

Let’s talk about New Years resolutions! Resolutions are important. Setting goals that direct you on a good path for the year and you’ll feel good about accomplishing are important. However, resolutions are silly if not manageable, and only going to make you feel guilty. I.e. lose 20 pounds by February, or visit all 50 states this year. Goals need to be manageable and broken down into easily actionable steps. I.e. if you want to feel healthier, adapt a more nourishing diet, and start an exercise routine that you really enjoy so you are motivated to “work out”. If you want to travel more, decide how much you will save each week or month to make a weekend trip to a new city happen more frequently.

This year I don’t have so much of a resolution as a goal that I know will help my blog to grow. I plan to create a YouTube video each week for the year of 2019. The big goal (blog growth) can be broken down into these manageable weekly sub goals! A bit of a challenge because I’m new to it, but it’ll be a lot of fun, and I hope you join me on this (YouTube) journey! I’d love to hear your desires for the New Year! Comment below!


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