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NYFW SS20 in Review


I was in NYC for 5 days for New York Fashion Week (NYFW SS20). Throughout my stay I was reflecting. As a tween and teenager I always wanted to work in fashion. I wasn’t sure how it would manifest but I idolized the strong creative figures I saw in magazines. Some were designers, models, actresses, stylists, photographers etc. My younger self would be thrilled that I am able to attend these events and be in a room full of the people that I admire. That thought allowed me to be present at these shows, something that has been hard for me in the past because it’s such a chaotic week.

After NYFW I think you need time to decompress. My work, sleep, and eating schedule were all thrown off. Although I thought I would have some downtime to write and publish blog posts and YouTube videos, time in NYC flies. This has been the recurring theme each time that I am at fashion week (see previous posts here). My best advice for anyone attending is to savor it, and be in the moment as much as you can.

Part of the reason I keep returning is because I find so much inspiration in the designs that I see on the runways. However I find even more in the community that I continue to find there. Although the stereotype of those working in the fashion industry are that they’re materialistic I’ve met some of the kindest and most down to earth people. (Karis for one, who has been featured on my recently launched podcast). With that preface, let me tell you about the shows.

Rebecca Minkoff

On Saturday I was able to attend the presentation by Rebecca Minkoff. I’ve been a fan of her brand for a long time. I was excited for her presentation as I’ve never been before. For those that aren’t familiar with the difference between a show and a presentation, a show is like your standard runway show. A presentation is when the designer presents their pieces on models that stand in a room or a set. It’s more like having live mannequins. In some ways designers have more creative freedom with a presentation because it’s less traditional. Rebecca Minkoff’s presentation had many models in different sets made from a rainbow of colored boxes. One model was a working mother who was breast feeding throughout the 2 hour presentation.

Korean & Chinese Designers

I then went to another presentation featuring a few Korean designers which I thoroughly enjoyed. They had some very creative ways of putting together silhouettes.

The next two shows that I attended were by Chinese designers. NYFW has a China Day where they feature specifically Chinese designers and I was able to see both Lily and Xu Zhi. I wasn’t too familiar with either of the designers but they both had lovely shows.

Pamella Roland

The last show that I attended was Pamella Roland. It was at Pier 59 in Chelsea. I always enjoy her shows because she creates such luxurious and stunning gowns. Pamella Roland delivers ephemeral and beautiful evening wear every time. The gowns could be worn on the red carpet and the shorter ones are perfect for a glamorous cocktail event.

What was you favorite designer collection from NYFW SS20? Comment below to let me know!

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