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The Importance of Multichannel Marketing as a Blogger

Misconceptions about Bloggers

Multichannel marketing is an essential tool for bloggers. The misconception people have about bloggers just taking pictures and posting them online really gets my panties in a twist. Blogging is a time consuming and energy intensive job. The fact of the matter is that you need to do so much more than take pictures to be relevant, or even seen. It’s necessary to be on many channels, and constantly creating quality content, evergreen and trending, doing SEO, and so much more. Personally, I love blogging because I feel like I’m constantly being challenged and there is always more to learn. That’s part of why I’ve kept up with it for 10 years.

Why Multichannel Marketing is Important

You are not in control of the social media platforms you are posting your content on. The only thing you really own is your website and e-mail list. What would happen if the platform that you are most popular on folded? To drive this point home, remember MySpace? We all thought that was the big, new, cool thing. It disappeared. In all honesty, it could happen at any time to any platform. That’s why you must diversify. That’s why I started YouTube, TikTok, and a podcast! Well that, and I’ve fallen in love with creating video content in addition to photography, and I love learning through conversing with other creatives on my podcast. Although I know these new channels are small I understand that you must start somewhere, and what you put your attention on will grow.

For many, the platform they’re most popular on is Instagram or YouTube. Recent changes to algorithms on both of these social media platforms have left bloggers and influencers frustrated with changes out of their control.

In general, the newer a social media platform is, the easier it is to gain traction on. When you are an early adopter of the platform you are more likely to succeed. We’ve seen this with the OG’s of YouTube like Michelle Phan, and the OG’s of Instagram like Aimee Song.

As a blogger or creator, you should be considering a multichannel marketing approach. Your content might be more popular on one channel compared to another. Now there are so many social media channels available. There’s not only YouTube and Instagram but Twitter, WeHeartIt, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitch, and many more. New game changers like TikTok are opening up an entire new world for creators. Of course, if after trying platforms out you find they aren’t for you, then don’t continue, but make sure you don’t have all your eggs in one social media basket!

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