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There’s a Rift to the Dream World

Blue_Dress_patterned5(DeenaDanielle) Blue_Dress_Look4(DeenaDanielle) Blue_Dress_Lake3(DeenaDanielle) Blue_Dress_Back1(DeenaDanielle) Blue_DressB&W7(DeenaDanielle) Blue_Dress6(DeenaDanielle) Shoes8(DeenaDanielle) White_shoes9(DeenaDanielle)This is the outfit that I wore yesterday to go to brunch with my Father. I got a delicious vegetarian omelette and hash-browns. The dress is from Revival in Iowa City and the shoes I picked up at another thrift store for a whopping $3. They have become one of my favorite pairs. I photographed at a pond near my Father’s house where the sun was beginning to sink down in the sky. It provided, to me, what looks like a hazy dream and I love the light. Happy Friday, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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