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10 Ethical Festival Fashion Brands to shop without compromising “cool”

Festival season has started. Ultra and Coachella have already happened in Florida and California, and there are many more festivals with amazing line-ups scheduled for this summer. I myself, love a weekend away to enjoy some of my favorite bands, dj’s, and good vibes, but it’s important to be a conscious festival goer. Festivals, and particularly festival fashion, can be detrimental to the environment. So I’ve put together a list of some brands that provide great festival outfit pieces for the ethical shopper that you’ll also want to wear year around:

  1. Teysha

Teysha boots, “Our chief aim at Teysha is to create flourishing communities and artistic expression through sustainable fashion by combining heritage quality goods with traditionally informed artistry.” You can even have a hand in designing your own boots!

2. Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat backpacks made of vegan leather are the perfect ethical way to carry all your festival necessities.

3. Manos Zapotecas

In the case that you prefer to have a bag, over a backpack, Manos Zapotecas fair trade accessories are a great option!

4. Reformation

Reformation is THE source for your next festival dress, shorts, or T. All items are made with sustainable practices, without compromising style in the slightest!

5. Pachuti

Pachacuti is where you can find the perfect festival hat for both men and women, made through fair trade practices.

6. People Tree

Find your basics, and apparel for ladies and men at People Tree, a pioneer in ethical and fair-trade fashion.

7. Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought is the place to find your simple care free festival dress! They say it’s, “Eco-friendly fabrics with graphic designs inspired by causes that moved us”. – Threads 4 Thought

8. Fat Face

This giraffe dress is the cutest, and you can find more festival ready apparel on Fat Face, where the fabrics are sourced responsibly and sustainably. You can read more about the brand’s practices here.

9. Monsoon

Monsoon‘s clothing is made with their green action program, where they successfully reduce energy consumption, one of their many ethical efforts!

10. Living Nature

Check out Living Nature for your festival lipstick! They are a certified natural, beauty and skincare company based in New Zealand.

11. Love Justly

Finally, we know that shopping ethically means apparel and accessories can be a bit more expensive, so we have just the thing for you! Check out Love Justly where you can find many of these brands and more ethically sourced, fair trade, at a discount!

Please feel free to add a link to any ethical brands where you shop for festival wear in the comments below!

Happy Festival Hopping!

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  • Talia

    May 5, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Fantastic article! I love that I can always keep up my fashion game by reading this blog. Thank you for the always relevant writing!

    1. Deena Danielle

      May 21, 2017 at 12:53 am

      Thank you Talia! I’m so glad you like the content!

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