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10 Ways To Exercise Eco Friendly Shopping

There are so many ways that you can exercise Eco Friendly shopping! Right now the fashion industry is one of the largest contributing factors to environmental deterioration but it doesn’t have to continue that way. Here are some ideas that we can use in creating a more environmentally friendly future:

  1. Give hand me downs or donate your unwanted clothing, shoes, and accessories or sell on Ebay. Great for you to make a little extra $$$ and help the globe!
  2. Shop at places such as H & M in their “conscious” section, or other stores that have a similar “Close the Loop” incentive. Be an aware customer!
  3. Thrift – Look up your local thrift stores and check them out. They will often have an consignment discount. So if you bring in your used items you can get store credit.
  4. Make your own clothing/ alter your clothing, turning something old into something new. I got bored with everything in my closet and cut my shirt. All of a sudden I have a new item in my closet.
  5. Fix clothing! This might sound obvious but in our throw-away culture where the next big thing hits the racks and grabs your attention it’s too often that people throw away still useful items. Take the time to sew on that button, or sew up that hole you made from breaking it down too hard on the dance floor. clothes-swap-5
  6. Clothing swaps – Plan an evening with a couple friends bring wine, snacks, and bring your unwanted items, clothing, jewelry, and accessories. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. You might be surprised at some of the amazing items your friends have never worn because they went on a retail therapy spree, that ended in buyer’s remorse.
  7. When you shop bring your own bag! Keep a reusable bag in your car so that it’s handy when you need it. This is a big one! The amount of plastic wasted from bags is tremendous. If you happen to forget and need to use a plastic bag from a store, reuse or recycle it!
  8. Go to stores that are environmentally conscious. They source their fabrics and materials from companies that meet specific eco standards. See some examples of ethical brands here.
  9. Take a buddy shopping with you, car pool and save gas, lessening pollution. It’s also great to have a second opinion on that skirt you’re just not sure about when you trying it on in the fitting room under florescent lighting!
  10. Shop locally, go to flea markets where there are local artisans representing their work. You can meet and speak with them face to face. They most likely have gotten a lot of their materials locally and created close to home. This saves on fuel from imported shipments, and also supports and encourages artists to continue their work. It’s probable that you will find more unique pieces to add to your wardrobe than if you were shopping at a chain company!

I hope these tips help you to exercise more Eco Friendly shopping. Let me know if you have any other tips below!

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