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Hats at Miami Swim Week

Some of my favorite looks from swim week were paired with hats. So why not dedicate a whole blog post to it? I love the colorful looks from Maaji and the dreamy night inspired fabrics from Beach Riot. There is so much inspo captured at Swim Week. What accessories do you like to pair with your swim looks?

BeachRiot(DeenaDanielle)©-3071  BeachRiot(DeenaDanielle)©-3086 BeachRiot(DeenaDanielle)©-3093 BeachRiot(DeenaDanielle)©-3132 BeachRiot(DeenaDanielle)©-3141 BeachRiot(DeenaDanielle)©-3196 BeachRiot(DeenaDanielle)©-3290

Beach Riot

BlueLife(DeenaDanielle)©-2830 BlueLife(DeenaDanielle)©-2878 BlueLife(DeenaDanielle)©-2886

Blue Life

ForLoveAndLemons(DeenaDanielle)©-3953 ForLoveAndLemons(DeenaDanielle)©-3956 ForLoveAndLemons(DeenaDanielle)©-3959 ForLoveAndLemons(DeenaDanielle)©-3985 ForLoveAndLemons(DeenaDanielle)©-3990 ForLoveAndLemons(DeenaDanielle)©-4158 ForLoveAndLemons(DeenaDanielle)©-4167

For Love and Lemons

LilaNikolexKruzin(DeenaDanielle)©-4234 LilaNikolexKruzin(DeenaDanielle)©-4248 LilaNikolexKruzin(DeenaDanielle)©-4261 LilaNikolexKruzin(DeenaDanielle)©-4330

Lila Nikole x Kruzin

StylesSaves(DeenaDanielle)©-0732  StylesSaves(DeenaDanielle)©-0767

Style Saves

TheHammockShow(DeenaDanielle)©-0027 TheHammockShow(DeenaDanielle)©-0051 TheHammockShow(DeenaDanielle)©-9559 TheHammockShow(DeenaDanielle)©-9560 TheHammockShow(DeenaDanielle)©-9654 TheHammockShow(DeenaDanielle)©-9745

Hammock (HAH)

MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-4961 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-4971 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5039 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5041 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5077 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5110 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5297 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5312 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5322 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5445 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5500 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5505 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5575 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5577 MaajiDeenaDanielle)©-5667


A cute suit is important, and these here are so cute! But equally as important as a suit is health. A huge part of that is skin care! Having a hat in the summer heat is essential. Especially in Miami or any other tropical destination where the suns rays can be so intense. Hats can help protect you from sunburn and heat stroke. For this reason don’t stay in the sun too long and be sure to drink plenty of water. Remember your sunscreen too! In what ways do you protect yourself from the sun?

My favorite hat looks are Parisian inspired from For Love and Lemons. Which are yours? Comment below!

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