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Pink Is The New Black

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It occurred to me that I haven’t done an outfit post in quite some time when I got in front of the camera and started posing like a half dead duck (I decided not to show you those ones ;). These shots took some time. I was melting like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Miami beach heat, but wanted to share this outfit with you. I am a little obsessed as of late. When I find a new outfit I really like I just want to wear it everyday, like a cartoon character. I only wore it three times this week, don’t worry. Just kidding… maybe. My hair was light pink on the ends before I left Madrid. I had it professionally dyed and then the pink faded out, which I found out is typical of these pastel fashion colors. So, I bought some Manic Panic Cotton Candy from Sally’s Beauty Supply and a kit with gloves brush and bowl. I feel so much more myself with pink hair. I was wondering why I hadn’t done this earlier. Now considering the upkeep, I understand it’s a commitment. Being a noncommittal person, this is a difficult realization. So, I’ve decided to just stop showering and then the color doesn’t fade out as quickly, and I’m helping the environment. Two birds, one stone? Miami has brought some more color into my wardrobe and I’m really liking these pastels. The nail polish is OPI Planks A Lot, Shirt is from Zara, shorts from Tj Maxx, duster from El Rastro market in Madrid, earrings Zara (best 12 euro investment, I receive so many compliments on them and they go with everything!), and double finger ring made by me. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. What are you doing for your Sunday Funday? Comment below! I am about to go back to the beach to melt some more.

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