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Miami Swim Week : Favorites

AnnaKosturova(DeenaDanielle)©-1433Anna Kosturova

BeachRiot(DeenaDanielle)©-3187Beach Riot

BlueLife(DeenaDanielle)©-3009Blue Life

ForLoveAndLemons(DeenaDanielle)©-4148For Love and Lemons

Frankie's(DeenaDanielle)©-0600Frankie’s Bikinis


KaiLani(DeenaDanielle)©-0951Kai Lani


LilaNikolexKruzin(DeenaDanielle)©-4357Lila Nikole

LuliFama(DeenaDanielle)©-2246 Luli Fama


TheHammockShow(DeenaDanielle)©-9702Hammock Show (HAH)

ToriPraver(DeenaDanielle)©-1864Tori Praver

I’ve finally gotten through all my photos from Swim Week! The delay was due to me being under the weather on and off throughout the month. I still haven’t quite kicked it, but I’ve been determined to share the photos and catch up on the rest of my editing. Some of my favorite shows were Frankie’s Bikinis (as you already know), Luli Fama, For Love and Lemons, and Maaji. As much as I’d like to show you every look from every show, that would be incredibly overwhelming for both me and you. So, I scoured through my thousands of photos and found a favorite from each brand that I photographed. I may share a few more on specific styles later and you can see some more on my portfolio site Now, you get to enjoy swim week as much as I did without sitting for hours cross legged and sweaty in the photographer’s pit.

There’s nothing like being surrounded by 50 cameras with shutters rapid firing in your ears, all trying to get the same shot. It makes everyone’s lives easier when you’re cordial and understanding. Although it was close quarters between the photographers, it forced communication, tip sharing, and a space where friendships transpired. I really loved photographing Swim Week and seeing all the designs, commotion, and a lot of the work that goes into making the event happen. The weekend was stressful, exhausting, but equally rewarding and incredible. Looking forward to the next one! <3


xoxo Deena Danielle

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