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Tips for Getting Blog Pictures On The Go

We don’t all have plenty of time in the world to schedule photo-shoots do we? Sometimes a shoot can be really well thought out with outfit, location, and accessories all wonderfully orchestrated.


That’s ideal, but in some cases you’re at an event, are traveling, have a full schedule, and a deadline crunch for a brand. Sometimes a camera fails on you and all you have is your phone. It’s always good to have a backup plan. In these stressful times I have some tips that will help you to get blog pictures on the go:

  1. Download these photo apps so that you can edit quickly on your phone if necessary.
  2. Grab a prop as seen here, here, and here. It will help you to come up with some creative posing ideas. You will never have to ask, “What do I do with my hands?!”
  3. Keep moving. It can be easier to get the shot when you move slightly with each click of the camera. It could be putting a hand on the hip, stepping to the right or left, or just tilting your head. Moving will keep your posing more natural!
  4. Keep it simple! Choose a clean backdrop that will show off your outfit like this.

As a blogger and a photographer I’ve come up with some strategies that help me get photos quickly when I don’t have a lot of time. What are some tips that you have and what other blogging/photography tips would you like to hear about next? Comment below!

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